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Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

June 30, 2014

Our Curriculum Development Project partners with DR and US Universities and K-12 schools. Our goal is to create resources and publications, focused on equity and justice, to be utilized in schools, with local organizations and non-profits. These resources will be developed during Education 220: At Empire’s End: Community, Curriculum and Change, allowing students to develop relevant and meaningful resources that honor local communities.

The goals of the Curriculum Project are to address head-on John Willinsky’s (1998) idea that “We are schooled in differences great and small, in borderlines and boundaries, in historical struggles and exotic practices, all of which extend the meaning of difference. We are taught to discriminate in both the most innocent and fateful ways so that we can appreciate the differences between civilized and primitive, West and East, first and third worlds. We become adept at identifying the distinguishing features of this country, that culture, those people.” And as Willinsky later states, “Yet if education can turn a studied distance between people into a fact of nature, education can also help us appreciate how that distance has been constructed to the disadvantage of so many people. What has been learned can be learned again, and the time is right for such a project.” And this is exactly what Education 220: At Empire’s End: Community, Curriculum and Change attempts to do. Through the Curriculum Development Project, we create resources and publications that strive to dismantle the historical, political and social borders, boundaries and practices that marginalize and exclude – to create resources that bring forth the possibilities and potentials necessary for a vibrant, inclusive society.

Additional support for this project is garnered through workshops and conferences held in partnership with US Universities, specifically with Education faculty and those responsible for teaching methods courses (Social Studies, Science, Language Arts and Math).